February Newsletter

Q: What is an RVT and why is that important? A: RVT stands for Registered Vascular Technologist. The sonographer helps the doctor by producing images of veins and arteries. The images are created painlessly, using soundwaves that show the structure and the movement of the veins and arteries. Not all sonographers are equal. Some medical.. read more →

27 Feb 2016
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January Newspaper

Q: Why do people keep telling me that my varicose veins are cosmetic problem when I have pain and swelling? I don’t really care what my legs look like anymore – I don’t want them to hurt anymore! A: For years, even medical professionals told their patients that varicose veins were a cosmetic issue. According.. read more →

21 Jan 2016
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December Newsletter

Q: What is sclerotherapy? A: Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy Some varicose veins and even some spider veins can be treated with a procedure called sclerotherapy. The Vein Guys® of Wisconsin offer two kinds of sclerotherapy. Low dose foam sclerotherapy and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy. Smaller varicose veins seen on the skins surface can be directly injected with.. read more →

18 Dec 2015
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November Newsletter

Q: What is an EOB? A: An EOB is short for Explanation of Benefits. It’s the document you receive from your insurance company after a claim is submitted. It usually has all of the usual demographic information like your name, date of birth, address and insurance member number, but then it details your visit with.. read more →

01 Nov 2015
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Maintain a healthy weight and life style

THE VEIN GUYS® say there are many reasons to maintain a healthy weight and life style. The prevention of Varicose Veins is one so commit to losing weight today for healthier veins. #Veins http://www.obesityhelp.com/articles/weight-cause-varicose-veins read more →

04 Sep 2014
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Invest in your mind, body and soul

THE VEIN GUYS® eNEWS THE VEIN GUYS® say invest in your mind, body and soul. Take small steps for Big Results in life. #TheVEINGUYS http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/keoni-hudoba-vitafusion8 read more →

22 Jul 2014
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Can certain foods really help my bad veins? If so, which ones would you suggest?

Anytime you eat a heart/vein healthy diet I think you are improving overall health. A combination of a good, consistent diet and exercise certainly is beneficial to your veins and circulatory system. Below are a few suggestions. However, if you have vein disease more measures are needed to correct the painful, cramping, throbbing, swollen varicose.. read more →

01 Jul 2014
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When can I get back to work after my varicose vein treatment?

Patients are always concerned with this question because of fear they will be out of work for long periods of times and insurance issues. The Venefit™ Procedure at THE VEIN GUYS® of Wisconsin is truly a “Walk in, Walk out” experience, allowing you to resume the daily activities of your life almost immediately. The only.. read more →

01 Jul 2014
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I had laser done on my veins and they have come back. What should I do Vein Guys?

REAL TALK® with THE VEIN GUYS® I had laser done on my veins and they have come back. What should I do Vein Guys? An Ultrasound would confirm whether the laser did not close your veins or whether you have additional or new veins that have come into play. At THE VEIN GUYS® of Wisconsin.. read more →

13 Jun 2014
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Are heart disease and vein disease related?

Well these diseases are certainly “kissing cousins” and should be taken very seriously in the maintenance of your over all health. WebMD has a great article about this…check it out. http://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/vascular-disease read more →

03 May 2014
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